Nellie R. Stevens
Thuja Green Giant
Murray Cypress
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Leyland Cypress
For tree growers, it is almost unbelievable that the Murray cypress grows faster than the original Leyland
cypress, which averages as much as four feet a year. It is more disease-resistant, will tolerate wetter soil
and has a stronger root system.

Many Christmas tree farms throughout the state have already begun planting this new tree. Not only will it
make a good Christmas tree, but it is also expected to be as popular in the landscape industry as the
Leyland cypress.
Thuja Green Giant Hybrid has become the most desired privacy tree almost overnight, and for many
good reasons. This uniformly conical tree performs well in most any soil. Virtually disease-free and
strong-rooted, it responds well to shearing. Durable accent or specimen tree.

Thuja Green Giant is a rare hybrid cross between Western Red Cedar (plicata) and Japanese Arborvitae
(standishii) , which is faster growing than its arborvitae relatives. Elegant and uniform, Thuja Green
Giants conical habit needs no shearing or pruning and is cloaked in dense, dark, evergreen foliage clear
to the ground.
The 4 trees you see below are the most popular evergreen privacy
trees you will find.
You’ll appreciate how these holly trees stay deep green all year, unlike other hedge trees that can
brown out during either the summer heat or mild droughts.

Landscapers have fueled a great demand for the Nellie Stevens. In addition to being attractive,
these trees can be planted and forgotten. They withstand poor soil, drought and even neglect.
Cryptomeria, also known as Japanese Cedar, is quickly becoming a very stylish tree whose use is
increasing in a variety of landscapes across the country. Long used as a timber / lumber tree in Japan,
there are now numerous cultivars of Cryptomeria available that are truly a sight to behold. Their
ornamental value and popularity are on the rise. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, growth
habits, and foliage textures - there is bound to be a variety of Cryptomeria to arouse the curiosity of most
any avid home gardener.
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