Murray Cypress
The New Privacy Tree

Grows faster than Leylands
This is a very fast growing, dark green evergreen tree. It does very well on a wide
variety of sites.
It can tolerate wet sights better than Leyland Cypress.

The tree has great potential as a Christmas tree for it will reach maturity a year
earlier than the Leyland Cypress on most sites. It has stronger branches and is
darker green than Leyland Cypress. Murray -X has been planted from Texas to
Florida to Delaware and is doing well at this time.

We have found this tree to grow even faster than the Leyland Cypress
....Thats FAST!  

Handles snow and ice better than Leylands
Stands up to high winds better than Leylands

25-30 feet high, 6-10 feet wide
Recommended spacing: 5 to 6 feet apart
Most all landscape contractors as well as the nursery industry is growing the Murray
Cypress in place of the long time popular Leyland Cypress.

The Murray Cypress is a new derivative of the Leyland Cypress and is quickly catching
on in many landscapes.

The Murray X Cypress is a finer textured selection and grows faster without the disease
problems of Leyland Cypress. They are also drought  tolerant

It is our belive that in the near future this tree will be know as one of,
if not the best
Privacy Trees ever!
Hardness Zones 6 to 10

Faster than Leylands?
Thats FAST!
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Fastest grower of all evergreens!
Simply said, Murrays are just allround better trees than Leylands.

This man-made tree has very quickly became a landscape favorite. Foliage is dense, with flat, soft needles.
The Murray Cypress does have a pleasing aroma.
If you want to block an unsightly view or add privacy to your yard, why not make an outdoor privacy screen
with trees. Trees add value to your property and create a soft, natural feel in your yard. You can also use trees
to screen tall areas that a traditional fence can't cover, such as the view from your neighbor's window looking
down onto your patio.

Making an outdoor privacy screen with trees will provide you both beauty and privacy at the
same time.
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